Our Millie Girl

Our Millie Girl

Monday, October 14, 2013

More news

It is exciting for me to share that Millie is still arthritis free! I was worried she had a flare starting in her left wrist and a few of her left fingers because of how she was using them but luckily I was wrong :) Dr Ede said she looks excellent and her lab work looks great too! We are thrilled!

It has now been about two months since she has had no major JIA symptoms. Life is pretty normal for us again. Aside from the meds and physical therapy it's exactly how life with a two year old (and a baby) should be.

In fact, last week was the end of having physical therapy twice a week. She's down to just once a week which I am stoked about! And lucky for us she still gets to see both of her therapists, who she loves.

Also, as of four days ago, she is no longer on prednisone!! Hallelujah!!! I haven't noticed much of a difference yet in her moods haha She has still been hyper and hard to get to sleep BUT it's only been for days lol Most importantly she is off of the steroids!! It has been 12 weeks too long but because of the results with Millie feeling as good as she does, it was worth it.

For now we will continue with the chemo weekly. She will see her rheumatologist again at the end of November. In the meantime we just pray that her body will continue to feel good and strong, especially since she is off the daily steroids. We hope her body doesn't start to flare without prednisone in her system. I have a good feeling about it and I am counting my blessings she is a healthy as she is right now.

I appreciate everyone who has continued to reach out to us and to everyone who hasnt stopped worrying about Millie. It really means so much to me that so many people care for my little girl. ♡♡♡